Is Diet Better Than Regular?

Recently big soda manufacturers pledged to cut the calories in their sugar laden soft drinks. While this may seem like a good idea, their motivations may not be completely altruistic.

Consumers have been growing larger and larger as our society’s obesity epidemic has been reaching epidemic proportions. Many consumers are now demanding lower calorie alternatives to their favorite foods and  beverages.

But watch out, diet is not all that it is cracked up to be. Continue reading Is Diet Better Than Regular?

Processed Foods

tater chips

General Mills is one of the largest processed foods manufacturing companies in the world. Recently, they have been trying to arrange it so that no one can sue them.

They put a post on their website that said in effect that you can never sue them if: you visit their website, click on anything on their website, print any coupons off of their website, like their facebook page, or buy their foods.

They are effectively trying to say that if you do any of these actions then you forfeit your right to sue them, ever.

Why would they want that? Are they scared of large groups of people suing them? If so, why? Continue reading Processed Foods

Artificial Sweeteners


A vast majority of people at any given time want to lose weight. Unfortunately, few people have training in nutrition or exercise. Therefore, most of us don’t know what is valid and what is invalid and wrong when evaluating a weight loss, exercise, or nutrition program.

Unfortunately, there are many companies out there looking to take advantage of uneducated consumers who are desperate to lose weight.

Why else would something like aspartame still be legal and allowed to be used in so many different types of foods? Continue reading Artificial Sweeteners



Soda, whether it is diet or regular, is comparable to candy. In many circles it is called “liquid candy”.

Many people mistakenly drink diet soda thinking that since they are drinking less calories, it won’t be as bad for you as a regular soda . Some people mistakenly take it to the next step thinking that diet soda is actually good for you. Continue reading Soda

More Reasons to Quit Diet Soda

sodaThose who read my articles know that I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners.

They are chemically formulated. There have never been any studies able to correlate losing weight with using artificial sweeteners.

Still many people drink diet soda and eat artificially sweetened foods. Evidence is mounting that these foods will, at the very least not help with weight loss, at the very most be harmful to your health. Continue reading More Reasons to Quit Diet Soda

Another Reason To Avoid Artifical Sweeteners

sweetenersI have long disliked artificial sweeteners. I feel that natural sugar is better for you and will cause less health problems in the long term.

Studies show that when consumed, aspartame is converted to formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde is what dead bodies are stored are. Formaldehyde is horribly toxic and carcinogenic. Yet many people consume aspartame regularly.

I believe that in general, we are better off consuming the whole, unprocessed, natural form of a food is always better than the processed, altered version. Continue reading Another Reason To Avoid Artifical Sweeteners

You Can Quit Soda

sodaSoda can be highly addictive. It is sugary and caffeinated. It can give you a sweet tasting pick me up when you need it.

Soda is basically liquid candy. With all of the excess sugar comes extra calories. If you drink enough of it, it will cause weight gain just like sugar. And it can be easy to form a dependence on the pick me up that it gives you. Continue reading You Can Quit Soda

Helpful Hints for Weight Loss

There are literally thousands of diets and weight loss systems out there. All of them seeming better then the last one. Most of them make outlandish promises and false claims.

In general, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. If the diet or weight loss plan is sounding too good to be true, then it is. Don’t believe it, and don’t fall into their marketing ploys. Continue reading Helpful Hints for Weight Loss