Managing Back Pain Through Diet and Exercise

200177292-001Back pain will affect up to 80% of the population. It can build up for a long time and can take a long time to get rid of. The information available on how to treat back pain can be confusing and contradictory at best.

I am a chiropractor and I specialize in muscles and trigger point therapy. I treat back pain every day. I look at my job as not only getting people out of pain, but showing them how to manage their back pain and how to stay out of pain. Continue reading Managing Back Pain Through Diet and Exercise

How to Prevent Back Pain

200177292-001Back pain will affect over 80% of all of the population. You never realize how much you use your back until it is injured and can’t use it. You use your back muscles with every step that you take. You use your back muscles every time you get up or sit down. They are used constantly all day long and once injured, can get easily injured again.

While extremely prevalent, back pain is also easy to prevent. If you can do the right exercises, stretches and eat right, you can reduce the frequency and intensity of back pain. You just have to know what to do.

This article gives some good tips for managing and treating back pain.

Causes Of, and Treatments For, Back Pain


Back pain can be severe. Back pain can be debilitating. Back pain can stop you in your tracks. Back pain can be confusing. Back pain can come out of nowhere to strike you down.

Back pain can last from days to weeks to months to years. Back pain will affect 80% of all people.  Once you have back pain, it can be very hard to treat.

Since back pain is so pervasive, there are many myths out there surrounding back pain. From how back pain comes on to how to treat it. There are as many answers as there questions when it comes to back pain. Continue reading Causes Of, and Treatments For, Back Pain

Back Pain Treatments

You never know what the long term effects of any invasive treatment will be. Whether it is taking a new drug or undergoing a new procedure, there is no guarantee that it will reduce pain. There is always new information coming out about the long term effects of some treatment or drug that was previously thought to be safe.

I have always felt that it is easier, and safer, to prevent low back pain than it is to get rid of it once it flairs up. There are many treatments for low back pain, but the effectiveness of these treatments can be spotty at best. Continue reading Back Pain Treatments

Chronic Pain

Last month, the Institute of Medicine (which is the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences) issued a report that estimated that chronic pain affects 116 million people in our country. That is far more than was originally believed. For patients who suffer from chronic pain, this acknowledgement from the Institute of Medicine is a seminal event. Chronic pain usually goes untreated, because most doctors view pain as a symptom of an underlying problem. And with chronic pain, there may be no underlying problem. When a doctor can’t find any cause for the pain, the patient usually gets dismissed as either crazy and referred out for psychotherapy, or as a drug seeker looking for a high.There can be many different causes of chronic pain.

Continue reading Chronic Pain