Which Exercises Help and Which Exercises Hurt?

Most people know that they need to exercise. Maybe you have had the experience of going to the doctor’s office and the doctor tells you that you need to exercise.

If you have never exercised, or haven’t exercised in years, how do you get into exercise? Which exercises are good for you and won’t hurt or injure you? Which exercises shod you stay away from because they are too tough on your body and will cause injury? Continue reading Which Exercises Help and Which Exercises Hurt?

How to Start Exercising


It happens very frequently. Someone who hasn’t exercised in years wants to start exercising, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

That person starts exercising and starts eating healthy. But within 1 to 2 months they stop. Why?

Did they start out too hard? Did they injure themselves? Did they reach the end of their resolve to eat sprouts and greens all day long? Was it all too much? Are there people who are just not meant to exercise and eat right? Are there people who are not meant to get into good shape, reduce pain and increase their activity levels? Continue reading How to Start Exercising

Why Should I Exercise, Why Be In Shape?

Everyone knows that they should exercise. If you are not exercising, then chances are that some type of health care provider has told you at some point to exercise. But chances are they haven’t told you how to exercise, what to do, and what specifically are the benefits of exercising. So why should you invest so much time and effort into exercising? What are the benefits? Continue reading Why Should I Exercise, Why Be In Shape?