Diet or Exercise? Which Is More Important For Weight Loss?

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This debate has been raging for decades. Ever since there have been diet, weight loss, and exercise businesses, the debate has been going on. What is more effective for weight loss, eating right or exercising?

Eating right and exercising are both important for different reasons. Both are important for maintaining health. Both are also important for losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight. Continue reading Diet or Exercise? Which Is More Important For Weight Loss?

Processed Foods

tater chips

General Mills is one of the largest processed foods manufacturing companies in the world. Recently, they have been trying to arrange it so that no one can sue them.

They put a post on their website that said in effect that you can never sue them if: you visit their website, click on anything on their website, print any coupons off of their website, like their facebook page, or buy their foods.

They are effectively trying to say that if you do any of these actions then you forfeit your right to sue them, ever.

Why would they want that? Are they scared of large groups of people suing them? If so, why? Continue reading Processed Foods