Anti-Aging, or How to Age Gracefully

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Anti-aging, as a term, or concept, is thrown around very easily these days.

It can be used as an adjective, like “This hemorrhoid cream is amazing, it has anti-aging effects if applied to the face.”

This describes retin-A, a prescription hemorrhoid cream that was found to reduce puffiness and wrinkles in the face. The cream itself does not have anti-aging properties, it just makes one appear younger by temporarily reducing wrinkles.

It can also be used as a concept, in that eating healthy and exercising has anti-aging effects on the body. Leading a healthy lifestyle slows down the aging process. Continue reading Anti-Aging, or How to Age Gracefully

Exercise To Age Well

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For many years the association between aging well and exercise has been known, but was never 100% proven. A study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association that proved exercising helps to prevent age related decline.

Dr. Marco Pahor is the director of the Institute on Aging at the University of Florida and the lead author on the study. He said “For the first time, we have directly shown that exercise can effectively lessen or prevent the development of physical disability in a population of extremely vulnerable elderly people.” Continue reading Exercise To Age Well

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Exercise


It seems that I spend most of my time in my practice trying to either convince patients to exercise, or to convince them to back off from exercise.

Most people don’t exercise enough. Many people come into my office with a health issue that’s been coming on for years, they haven’t done anything to manage it or help it out, and they want me to fix it in one treatment. Continue reading How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Exercise

How Exercise Affects The Brain

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Is there anything that exercise doesn’t positively affect in our bodies?

It seems like researchers keep discovering new ways that exercise affects, and helps, our bodies.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer’s Research Center recently looked into whether exercise can reduce the chances for dementia as we age. Continue reading How Exercise Affects The Brain

Why Do Low Impact Exercise?

yoga 2 Much of the information concerning exercise these days revolves around how to lose the most amount of weight as quickly as possible, or how to get in the most extreme shape of your life. What if you want to feel better, reduce pain and injury, improve your quality of life, and lose weight, but do it without all of the pain and injury that can accompany extreme exercising? Continue reading Why Do Low Impact Exercise?



We all breathe. We do it all of the time, whether we are thinking about it or not. It is something that we take for granted until we have trouble breathing.

Once you have trouble breathing, you’ll never take it for granted again. There is nothing like the crushing, itching, burning feeling in your chest when you need air and then you try to inhale and are not able to inhale enough. Continue reading Breathing

How To Fit Exercising And Eating Right Into Your Life

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A recent gallup poll showed that 56% of all people want to lose weight. That being said, 56% of all people don’t necessarily need to lose weight.

My perspective is that it is more important to be healthy than it is to reach a societal ideal of weight. It is more important to feel good than it is to look good. There are many ways to lose weight quickly that are very unhealthy, and can do harm to your body.

There are many weight loss programs/ lose weight quick schemes that prey on people who are desperate to lose weight. They boast that by using their program you can lose weight and look like a movie star or model. Continue reading How To Fit Exercising And Eating Right Into Your Life

Exercise and Personal Trainers

gymThere are as many reasons why people seek out personal trainers, as there are personal trainers.

Some people need the motivation of having someone waiting for them. While some need to have something scheduled. Some people pay a trainer up front for multiple sessions because they know that the only thing that will get them to the gym is not wanting to lose money.

One of the main reasons, I see, why people hire trainers is because they don’t know what to do. They lack the knowledge of how to properly exercise and train themselves. Continue reading Exercise and Personal Trainers

Can Running Cause Arthritis?

walking legsThose of you who follow my articles know that I am not a proponent of running. I used to run, and I even completed one marathon, but I will not run for exercise anymore.

I have since switched to cycling, which is low impact and easy on my body and joints. I find that I am not nearly as sore after completing a 100 mile mountain bike race than I was after completing a marathon. The marathon took me 4 hours to complete, while the 100 mile mountain bike races take me 10 to 12 hours to complete.

Since cycling is low impact, it is much easier on the body. Running is high impact This impact causes micro-traumas every step you run. It is my opinion that these micro-traumas build up over time to cause injury and can lead to osteo-arthritis. Continue reading Can Running Cause Arthritis?

Can Exercise Prevent Cancer?

nordic walkingThe American Society of Clinical Oncology is meeting at the end of the month in Chicago. This past Wednesday they gave journalists a briefing of some of the studies that will be presented.

One of the more interesting studies with wide range ramifications is a study that looked at the connection between exercise and cancer.

Researchers at the University of Vermont studied more than 17,000 men during a 20 year period. They found that those who exercised were 68% less likely to develop lung cancer and 38% less likely to develop colo-rectal cancers than those who did not exercise.

They also found that those who exercised and had either forms of cancer or prostate cancer, had a 14% reduced risk of death for each level of fitness they attained.

It is pretty amazing that exercise can affect everything. The other day I was talking with a kidney doctor who said that his patients all responded better when exercising. He said that their kidneys functions were better and the kidneys themselves were healthier when the person was exercising.

Exercise is good stuff. Time Magazine called it the only miracle pill that we have. If you want to look better, feel better, and age more gracefully, exercise and eating right are the best ways to do it. It is the Pain Free Way.

Here is the article that the study was published in. It mentions a few other studies that will be presented at the Oncology meeting.