Pain and Exercise

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Pain has become all pervasive throughout our society. It is a major driving force behind the pharmaceutical industry and the health care industry. It is the number 1 reason why people go to see medical doctors.

In the past, pain was not considered a major symptom. Many times medical doctors would conclude that a medical procedure was successful, even if the patient was still in pain after the surgery. As long as the structural issue was corrected, the pain was secondary.

I heard a medical doctor tell their patient that the surgery was success, the surgical site healed properly, and the structural issue was corrected. They tell the patient not to worry that the pain is still there, it might go away, it might not. But the pain is not the concern of the surgeon.

Pain is a major driving force in our society. There are 116 million Americans who are in chronic pain on a daily basis. That is a huge amount of the population. Just because someone looks fine, doesn’t mean that they are pain free. Continue reading Pain and Exercise