Sugar Withdrawal

There is such a thing as sugar withdrawal.

In a study performed by Carlo Colantuoni and colleagues at Princeton University back in 2002, it was observed that rats, when deprived of food for 12 hours would binge on sugar instead of natural food and then go into withdrawal.

The rats who were undergoing withdrawal suffered from chattering teeth, paw tremors, and head shaking.

Sugar has been called as addictive as any drug. Indeed it stimulates the same neurological pathways that highly addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin do. Continue reading Sugar Withdrawal

Intelligent Grocery Shopping


The grocery store is a temple of marketing. As soon as you walk into a grocery store, you are bombarded by the most innovative marketing techniques that are trying to sell you anything and everything in the store.

From the placement of the products to the music selection, everything in a grocery store is carefully picked to make you, the consumer, more likely to buy certain products, and to buy more than you meant to.

How can you avoid the pitfalls of impulse buying? How can you avoid becoming susceptible to buying products you weren’t planning on? How can you avoid the unhealthy, processed foods and leave the store with healthy, good tasting foods? Continue reading Intelligent Grocery Shopping

Salt, Sugar, Fat

sugar-cubesIn order to write his new book “Salt, Sugar, Fat” investigative reporter Michael Moss looked into the one trillion dollar food industry. What he found was not appetizing.

The average American eats 33 pounds of cheese, along with 70 pounds of sugar, per year. That is a staggering amount of salt and fat that we consume on an annual basis. It is driving our obesity epidemic, and is being pushed on us, as consumers, from all sides.

Michael Moss found that the food industry is very strategic and plans everything out from the exact taste of the foods, to the responses it causes in our bodies and brains, to the marketing, commercials and to even where the products are placed in the grocery stores. Continue reading Salt, Sugar, Fat


jelly beansSugar is everywhere. Sugar is in almost every food.

Sugar is hidden in most salad dressings, marinades, spaghetti sauces, you name it. Most processed, white starches and carbohydrates are converted into sugar when digested in your body.

How do you avoid sugar when it is so prevalent? Can you really get addicted to sugar? Continue reading Sugar

Is Sugar Addictive?

dough-nutsMany people have trouble controlling how much sugar they eat. Sugar itself is not addictive. But all of the habits and patterns revolving around sugar, and the body’s reactions to sugar can all be addictive. Studies show that people can have similar reactions when looking at sugary foods as addicts who look at their drug of choice.

This slide show contains information on how sugar can be addictive. It also contains information on how to break that addiction. It mentions slowly decreasing your sugar intake. Rather than stopping cold turkey.

It is almost impossible to maintain such a drastic change as cutting out all sweets from your diet at once. But it is much easier to slowly cut out sugars over time. The Pain Free Lifestyle program does this for you. It tells you when to cut out one serving of sugar per day and per week. Then it slowly gets you to cut out more and more sweets over time. Until you find yourself eating healthy. It is an easy and do-able way to slowly start eating healthy.

Slowly incorporating changes into your diet and lifestyle so that you can get into eating right and exercising consistently, without killing yourself or depriving yourself of the foods you love, is the smart way. It is the Pain Free Way.