Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle Is Still The Best

The Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle has been touted as a healthy way to eat and live. I have always liked the philosophy of the Mediterranean lifestyle. It makes more sense to me than the other diets out there.

You can’t really even call it a diet. It is more of a way of eating, and it can be extended to include lifestyle choices. The Mediterranean Diet consists of eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts, fish, and is rich in olive oil.

It is called the Mediterranean diet because this is how many people who live in the Mediterranean region eat. Ever since it was learned that people in that region tend to live longer and are healthier, scientists have been studying the area trying to ascertain why that is.

Scientists have come to learn that the increased lifespan is due to their lifestyle. This includes eating a heart healthy diet that avoids processed foods and reduces meat and diary consumption. It also includes being active. The people in this region tend to walk a lot and are in general more active than most of us in western societies.

What I like about the diet/ lifestyle is that is not anything set in stone. It gives you a lot of lee-way to make this lifestyle your own. You can make it suit your specific needs. It is a good guide for how to eat, but you don’t have to stick with it 100% of the time. If you eat in this style, then you can eat the junk foods that you want to. But you just have to keep it minimized to once or twice a week. The Mediterranean diet is a good guide for how to eat.

To me, it just makes sense.

Here is a link to an article that appeared on CNN about the Mediterranean Diet:

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The Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle

olive oil

It is well known that the Mediterranean diet is very effective in controlling heart disease, weight and improving overall health.

The Mediterranean diet is more of a way of eating, or a lifestyle, rather than an actual diet. It focuses on eating fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. Very little saturated fats and red meats are eaten in this style of eating. Continue reading The Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle

Organic versus Non-organic Foods

This is a debate that has been going on for years. Recently a review of studies was released in the Annals of Internal Medicine that reviewed hundreds of studies on organic foods. It was concluded that there are no health benefits to eating organic foods.

This counters another study that came out of England about a year ago. This study found that organic fruits and vegetables contain 12% more disease fighting minerals and nutrients than non-organic foods. Eating organic foods would be the equivalent of consuming 12% more fruits and vegetables, researchers concluded.

Some people swear by organic foods, and only shop at Whole Foods and only eat organic foods. Some people want to eat organic foods to avoid pesticides, or because organic foods may be more nutritious, or because of ethical reasons.

Some people never eat organic foods. Some people can’t afford it since it can be twice as expensive as non-organic foods. Some people don’t believe that organic foods are any better for you then non-organic foods are, and it is just a marketing ploy.

I feel that both sides have legitimate points.

I feed my family healthy foods, and I eat pretty cleanly. I am careful about what I feed my children for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We abide by the 80% rule. This means that as long as you eat healthy, or cleanly, 80% of the time, then the other 20% won’t matter as much. This doesn’t mean to binge and eat everything in sight over the weekend. We usually eat healthy during the week and watch what we eat. We will eat healthy breakfasts, pack lunches 4 out of 5 days for work and school, and eat healthy dinners throughout the week. Then during the weekend, we don’t have to watch it as much. I’ll cook the kids pancakes during the weekends. We’ll go out for hotdogs or hamburgers with French fries during the weekends. My kids would eat hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and French fries everyday of their lives if I let them. But I feel that if they eat healthy during the week then they can have treats like fried foods and other processed foods over the weekend that they can’t have during the week.

I do feed my family some organic foods. I do not shop at Whole Foods, unless it is a special occasion. I find Whole Foods too expensive. Granted their produce is great and meats and fishes are very good as well. I just feel that if you know what you are doing then you can shop at the local grocery store, get healthy foods (some organic and some non-organic) and not mortgage your house to feed your family. You just have to know which foods are okay to eat if they are non-organic, and which foods to stay away from if they are non-organic.

Here is a list of 2011’s dirty dozen.

They are the foods with the most amounts of pesticides on them in 2011. You can look up a list like this or a similar one very easily on the internet. These are the foods to buy organic. I also feel that you should buy organic meats and chicken. This is because the non-organic meats and chickens can be full of anti-biotics to prevent the animals from getting sick. They are also pumped full of hormones to make the animals grow as large as possible to produce as much meat as possible from the animals.

I feel that when we eat non-organic meats we can’t help but absorb some of the anti-biotics and hormones into our system. Anti-biotics in our bodies that we don’t need can destroy the weaker bacteria in our bodies, leaving only the stronger ones, and thus creating stronger and stronger and anti-biotic resistant bacteria. I also feel that having hormones in our bodies that we don’t need will only cause issues in our bodies. This extra amount of hormones has been linked to early puberty in children and other health issues.

Chicken, meats and the fruits and vegetables from the above list, I will eat only the organic versions of. Besides these foods though, I will buy, eat and feed my children the non-organic variety.

Read through this attached article and decide what works best for you.