The Benefits of a Cold Shower

woman rubbing shoulder

There is an eternal debate in health care, should you use ice or heat to treat injuries?

I have always believed that ice is better for healing injuries quickly, and can help to prevent injuries.

Anecdotally in my clinic, I have seen firsthand the healing powers of ice. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone come into my office with bad low back pain. Just using ice alone will help the pain to calm down. Ice alone will reduce the inflammation associated with an injury. Ice always helps injuries heal quickly. Couple ice with low intensity stretching and you can really calm down a spasmed, inflamed, and injured muscle. Continue reading The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Ice Versus Heat for Pain Relief


“I just pulled a muscle. Should I put ice or heat on it?”

“I have a muscle pull that has been lingering for months, should I use ice or heat?”

“I have a pain that has been chronic for years, should I use ice or heat?”

“I have joint pain that comes and goes. Should I use ice or heat?”

These are all questions that I hear frequently. If you use your body and exercise, you will get aches and pains and muscle pulls. Even if you don’t use your body and don’t exercise and are mostly sedentary, you will have more aches, pains and muscle pulls. So what is the best way to treat them? Continue reading Ice Versus Heat for Pain Relief