Get Ready For Winter With Exercise

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Winter is fast approaching, and just like we need to get our furnaces ready to handle the impending cold, we need to get ourselves ready for the demands that the cold weather puts on our bodies.

If we don’t service and maintain our furnaces before winter, we chance it breaking down when it is cold and working hard. We also need to get it serviced periodically, and maintain it, to make sure that it is running optimally and not wasting energy.

Our bodies are the same. If we don’t maintain our bodies and keep ourselves in some semblance of shape, then we chance our bodies breaking down when we are stressed and working hard. Our bodies can break down when the sudden demands of cold weather stress us, such as: shoveling snow, slipping on the ice, pushing a car out of a ditch, walking in the snow, just staying warm (it takes energy for our body to keep itself warm). Continue reading Get Ready For Winter With Exercise

Are Extreme Exercise Routines Right For You?

Most people associate exercise with intensity and with pain. The saying “No pain, no gain” has been deeply ingrained into our psyche. It has been ingrained to the point that it is hard to know when to back off, and when to work through an injury.

I know what I am doing exercise-wise. I have been exercising consistently for over 20 years and I am a doctor of chiropractic who specializes in muscles and muscle injuries. And I still have a hard time knowing when to back off from exercising, and when to work through the pain. Continue reading Are Extreme Exercise Routines Right For You?

Healthy Eating Heals Injuries

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Everyone knows that if you want to be thin, then you have to eat right and eat healthy. Does healthy eating have other benefits for your body? And how does it positively benefit your body?

Eating right will increase energy levels. Eating right will help your body function at a higher right level. Eating right will prevent injuries, and help to heal injuries quickly. Continue reading Healthy Eating Heals Injuries

Can Running Cause Arthritis?

walking legsThose of you who follow my articles know that I am not a proponent of running. I used to run, and I even completed one marathon, but I will not run for exercise anymore.

I have since switched to cycling, which is low impact and easy on my body and joints. I find that I am not nearly as sore after completing a 100 mile mountain bike race than I was after completing a marathon. The marathon took me 4 hours to complete, while the 100 mile mountain bike races take me 10 to 12 hours to complete.

Since cycling is low impact, it is much easier on the body. Running is high impact This impact causes micro-traumas every step you run. It is my opinion that these micro-traumas build up over time to cause injury and can lead to osteo-arthritis. Continue reading Can Running Cause Arthritis?

Exercise At Any Age

stretchingExercise at any age is possible and necessary. The proper exercise routine will give you the best chance for aging well, and aging gracefully. Exercise is not just for the young. I have read studies that show that even those who are over 90 years old will still benefit from exercising. It just has to be low weight, low intensity and low impact exercising

As you age though, your exercise and nutritional needs change. You can’t exercise and eat the same way when you are 60 as you did when you were 20. If you did, then you would injure yourself and gain a lot of weight. Continue reading Exercise At Any Age

Exercises to Avoid


Exercise and weight lifting can be great for your body. Weight lifting and strength training can stabilize irritated and painful joints. It can slow down the progression of arthritis and joint degeneration. You just have to do the right exercises.

If you have knee pain or hip pain, then avoid the leg press machine and avoid lunges.

If you have shoulder pain avoid flat bench, straight bar bench press and straight bar military press.

I have attached a slide show that shows some exercises to avoid, and how to perform some other exercises properly. If you use bad form, or use too much weight, then you can easily injure yourself and set yourself back. Continue reading Exercises to Avoid

How to Start Exercising


It happens very frequently. Someone who hasn’t exercised in years wants to start exercising, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

That person starts exercising and starts eating healthy. But within 1 to 2 months they stop. Why?

Did they start out too hard? Did they injure themselves? Did they reach the end of their resolve to eat sprouts and greens all day long? Was it all too much? Are there people who are just not meant to exercise and eat right? Are there people who are not meant to get into good shape, reduce pain and increase their activity levels? Continue reading How to Start Exercising