Too Much Exercise Can Be A Bad Thing


Exercise is so good and healthy for us. The general thought is the more you do of it, the better it will be for you.

Turns out that exercise is like almost everything else in life. In moderation, exercise is great thing. But too much of it can be bad for you, in a few ways.

One of the hardest parts about sticking with an exercise routine is avoiding injuries. I read a study out of Sweden that concluded that 90% of all people who start a new exercise routine quit within 2 months, due to pain. Pain is usually due to injury. Continue reading Too Much Exercise Can Be A Bad Thing

How To Treat Muscle and Pain From Exercising

It is no secret that exercising is one of the best things that you can do for your body, hands down.

Regular exercising will reduce your dependence on your doctor and the over burdened health care system.

Regular exercising will keep you looking and feeling like you are 10-20 years younger.

Regular exercising, if done in the right way, will reduce your aches and pains and prevent them from progressing and getting worse as you age.

Along with all of these benefits, exercising can cause some irritation. The way that exercise makes you stronger is that when you exercise, you tear muscle fibers. These torn muscle fibers then repair themselves stronger and bigger than what they were prior to the workout. Continue reading How To Treat Muscle and Pain From Exercising

Falling, or The Older We Get, The Harder The Ground Becomes, part 3

yoga 2You can prevent falls. Not just by being more aware of where you step. But by strengthening the muscles that support you and keep you upright, and that will catch you when you fall.

Even though falling might seem like an isolated incidence, with little predisposing you to it, falling is made worse and more likely by your overall health.

The leading cause of falling in those over age 65 is from a lack of hip mobility. This lack of hip mobility builds up over time. It is cummulative. Continue reading Falling, or The Older We Get, The Harder The Ground Becomes, part 3

Exercise Within Your Limitations

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Many exercise systems push you to achieve your best. They want to help you get into the best shape of your life, and they will push you to get there.

They push you to look and feel better, get stronger, leaner, faster and harder.

Some people need someone pushing them constantly. Some people won’t work out unless they have someone pushing them to do it.

Other people, can’t be pushed when it comes to exercise. Some people, I believe most people, need gentle guidance when it comes to exercise and movement, when it comes to reducing pain and increasing activity. Continue reading Exercise Within Your Limitations

Exercise And Eat Healthy To Avoid Reliance On Health Insurance

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Over the last weekend the New York Times ran two articles on the current state of health insurance and how it is changing. Both articles pointed to the fact that it is becoming more and more important to take care of yourself and prevent injuries.

The first article was fascinating, and scary. The article reported that a local health insurance company was revamping the way it assesses risk and how it categorizes patients due to their perceived health risks. Continue reading Exercise And Eat Healthy To Avoid Reliance On Health Insurance

The Right Amount Of Exercise

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I am a proponent of low intensity, low impact exercising. I feel that exercising in this manner gives you the best chance of being able to stick with an exercise routine consistently enough to get a benefit from it.

I have seen the effects of exercising too much, or over training, first hand. I usually see people who are over trained after they injure themselves and their injury lingers because they won’t take any time off from exercising to let their bodies heal. Continue reading The Right Amount Of Exercise

What Causes Injury?


I am a chiropractor who specializes in treating soft tissue (muscle) injuries.

I tend to see people only when they are in pain. I commonly see people who have been to too many doctors and specialists trying to figure out what’s causing their pain, and still have no answers. Continue reading What Causes Injury?

Easy Is The New Hard, or Why Exercising Doesn’t Have To Be No Pain, No Gain


There are as many myths out there surrounding exercise as there are types of exercise.

For generations we have heard that in order to get into shape, you need to suffer. No pain, no gain. For years we have been bombarded with images of celebrities, models and professional athletes who are in phenomenal shape. We are told by the media that if we aren’t ripped, lean and have 6 pack abs then we are not in shape.

These myths are not true. Continue reading Easy Is The New Hard, or Why Exercising Doesn’t Have To Be No Pain, No Gain

Are Extreme Exercise Routines Right For You?

Most people associate exercise with intensity and with pain. The saying “No pain, no gain” has been deeply ingrained into our psyche. It has been ingrained to the point that it is hard to know when to back off, and when to work through an injury.

I know what I am doing exercise-wise. I have been exercising consistently for over 20 years and I am a doctor of chiropractic who specializes in muscles and muscle injuries. And I still have a hard time knowing when to back off from exercising, and when to work through the pain. Continue reading Are Extreme Exercise Routines Right For You?

What Really Causes Injury?

200177292-001I  have been in practice for almost 15 years. I am a chiropractor who specializes in neuromusculoskeletal pain and injuries. I am a trigger point specialist.

The people who have seen every type of medical doctor out there and still don’t have any idea of what’s wrong with them, they are in pain, can’t find out what is wrong with them, and have no idea how to reduce their pain, come to see me for an answer and a treatment.

Most of the time if you can’t find out what’s wrong and causing pain, then the injury is muscular in nature. The injury itself may not have involved the muscles. But over time the injury will cause the muscles to get irritated and eventually become painful and then they become part of the problem. I believe this is how chronic pain gets wired into our systems and can far outlast the initial injury. Continue reading What Really Causes Injury?