Does Exercise Have To Be Tough?

This is a common question that I hear from patients of mine.

It is a common topic of discussion with friends of mine who are in the exercise profession, and with patients of mine.

At times it seems that people are looking for permission to not beat themselves up. They need the reassurance that it is alright to go easy.

I am here to tell you that the older you get, the less appropriate it is to go hard and beat yourself up with exercise. Why wreck your already irritated joints trying to “get into shape”. Continue reading Does Exercise Have To Be Tough?

The Right Amount Of Exercise

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I am a proponent of low intensity, low impact exercising. I feel that exercising in this manner gives you the best chance of being able to stick with an exercise routine consistently enough to get a benefit from it.

I have seen the effects of exercising too much, or over training, first hand. I usually see people who are over trained after they injure themselves and their injury lingers because they won’t take any time off from exercising to let their bodies heal. Continue reading The Right Amount Of Exercise

Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good


There are so many exercises and exercise routines available to us. All of them are being shoved in our faces and tell us that they are the best and only way to get into shape and feel better.

Unless you have training in, or experience in, the realm of physical fitness and training, it can be very hard to navigate your way through the maze that is exercise. Even if you do have training in, or experience with, physical fitness, it can still be very hard to know what exercises will be helpful and what exercises will be harmful. Continue reading Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good