Flip Flops and Sandals

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Summer is upon us, and that means warm weather, sun shine, shorts, t-shirts and sandals.

Many people love the feeling of walking around in a pair of open toed shoes when it is warm out. If you wear the right kind of sandals then you can have a great summer and be able to do all of the activities that you want to. But if you choose the wrong kind of sandals, then you can compromise your entire summer.

Flip flops are the worst kind of sandals. They have no support in them. They cause you to walk differently. You have to clench your toes to keep the flip flops on. Continue reading Flip Flops and Sandals

Heal Yourself With Exercise

nordic walkingI believe that there are few, if any, health issues that cannot be positively affected by regular and consistent exercise.

Exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and the list goes on. Not to mention how much exercise helps with weight. Consistent exercise alone will prevent obesity, and is the best way to lose weight.

Regular exercise will also stabilize irritated, injured and overused joints. This will reduce joint and muscle pain, and prevent it from coming back.

Exercise is pretty much great for everything that ails you. You just have to go about it in an intelligent way. If you haven’t exercised in years, then don’t jump in an expect to get a great workout and lose weight right away. If you haven’t exercised in 2 months or more, then start at the beginning and start out slowly. This will allow you to build up habits and patterns revolving around exercise and give you the best chance possible of successfully working exercise into your life on a consistent basis. The Pain Free Lifestyle program helps ease your way into exercise. It takes you step by step and eases your way into exercise.

Here is an article on some common health issues and how they can be affected by regular exercise.



Causes Of, and Treatments For, Back Pain


Back pain can be severe. Back pain can be debilitating. Back pain can stop you in your tracks. Back pain can be confusing. Back pain can come out of nowhere to strike you down.

Back pain can last from days to weeks to months to years. Back pain will affect 80% of all people.  Once you have back pain, it can be very hard to treat.

Since back pain is so pervasive, there are many myths out there surrounding back pain. From how back pain comes on to how to treat it. There are as many answers as there questions when it comes to back pain. Continue reading Causes Of, and Treatments For, Back Pain

How to Keep Your Back Healthy

yoga 2Back pain will affect 8 out of every 10 of us. The best predetermining factor to having low back pain, is having had it in the past. Back pain can be prevented. It’s causes are usually multi-factorial, meaning that there are usually a few causes for your low back pain. This article delves into different causes of low back pain, and different treatments for low back pain.


Causes of, and Treatments for, Low Back, Pelvic and Hip Pain

Low back pain will affect 80% of all people at some point throughout their lives.

As anyone who has suffered from low back pain can attest to, it can be debilitating when it acts up. The best way to determine if you are going to have low back pain, is if you have had it before.

Low back pain can be prevented, and once it flairs up there are many things that you can do to reduce the symptoms. Continue reading Causes of, and Treatments for, Low Back, Pelvic and Hip Pain

Back Pain Treatments

You never know what the long term effects of any invasive treatment will be. Whether it is taking a new drug or undergoing a new procedure, there is no guarantee that it will reduce pain. There is always new information coming out about the long term effects of some treatment or drug that was previously thought to be safe.

I have always felt that it is easier, and safer, to prevent low back pain than it is to get rid of it once it flairs up. There are many treatments for low back pain, but the effectiveness of these treatments can be spotty at best. Continue reading Back Pain Treatments

Tips and Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects millions of Americans every year. It will affect 80% of all people at one time or another. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and skin diseases, 8 out of 10 Americans will suffer from low back pain at one point in their lives.

When your back feels good it is easy to take it and all of the motions that begin from the back, for granted. But when it goes out or flairs up, you will not take it for granted.

Low back pain can come from many different sources. The muscles that will affect low back pain are the leg muscles, hip muscles, low back muscles, and abdominal/ core muscles. Every step that you take you use hundreds of muscles to coordinate that move. If one of those muscles is tight, irritated and spasmed it will throw all of the other muscles in the area out of balance. Continue reading Tips and Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain

The Real Cause of Low Back Pain:Repetitive Trauma

I have long held the belief that most of the pain we experience, if it is not from a disease process or some type of sickness, is muscular in nature and usually from repetitive motions. I believe that most low back pain comes about through repetitive means. It can even be argued that a significant amount cases of osteo-arthritis are from old repetitive traumas that have never been allowed to fully heal. Over time, the microscopic injuries that come from repetitive traumas can eventually cause the onset of osteo-arthritis. Continue reading The Real Cause of Low Back Pain:Repetitive Trauma

Flip Flops = Hip Pain = Low Back Pain = You Pain

A while ago I wrote this article on flip flops and why they were bad for you, and I thought it was time to revisit the topic, since it’s summer and beach season once more.

Every year I see more and more people wearing flip flops. And most of these people have either low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain or foot pain. Flip-flops alter the way that you walk, making it more difficult to walk for long periods. True, they are very comfortable, almost as comfortable as being in bare feet. But they are not equal to being in bare feet. I feel that you would be better off in bare feet or wearing barefoot running shoes. At least then, you would not be impeding the way that you walk. Continue reading Flip Flops = Hip Pain = Low Back Pain = You Pain

How to Travel with Pain

If you have low back, hip, shoulder, or neck pain, how can you travel without making your problem worse? Everyday I treat patients with this problem. The period before vacation can be a stressful time. Most people end up running around trying to get everything in order. You may need to make sure the pets are taken care of, all of the laundry needs to be washed, you need to get caught up at, and even get ahead of, work. This can lead to increased hours at a desk, more hours lifting loads of laundry, cleaning, driving around town running more errands. All of this leads to increased stress on your body which can lead to flairing up existing issues or creating new aches and pains. Either way, how do you travel when you are in pain? Continue reading How to Travel with Pain