Age Appropriate Exercise

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The only constant in life is change.

As we age, our bodies change. As we age, the demands put upon our bodies change along with how our bodies react to those demands.

It used to be that researchers looked at adulthood as one long, continuous stretch. Now we are realizing that our bodies change throughout adulthood. Therefore our body’s needs change as well, throughout adulthood.

I believe that the biggest difference as we age is that we don’t recover from injuries and insults to our bodies as quickly as we did when we were younger. Continue reading Age Appropriate Exercise

Why Do Low Impact Exercise?

yoga 2 Much of the information concerning exercise these days revolves around how to lose the most amount of weight as quickly as possible, or how to get in the most extreme shape of your life. What if you want to feel better, reduce pain and injury, improve your quality of life, and lose weight, but do it without all of the pain and injury that can accompany extreme exercising? Continue reading Why Do Low Impact Exercise?

How To Exercise To Reduce Pain

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Over the years I have had the honor to work with many professional athletes. I have watched them get injured on the field or stage, and then got them fixed up and back out to perform, quickly.

I have treated most types of athletic injuries, from concussions to post concussive disorder, to muscle pulls and sprains and strains. The list goes on.

I have also had the honor to work with many professional athletes after they retire and are out of the spot light. I have witnessed firsthand the effects that a lifetime of high impact exercise and sports have on the body. I have witnessed firsthand the health effects and pain that retired football players and ballet dancers deal with on a regular basis. I have treated some retired athletes that can barely walk due to the damage done to their body from high impact sports. Continue reading How To Exercise To Reduce Pain