Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

cutletsWithin the past 6 months I decided to stop eating meat. I had been reading articles and studies that were talking about how red meat can be very bad for you. I had been reading articles that talked about how chickens were raised and how most of them are not fed well.

I feel that many of the chemicals that are used to make the animals bigger and meatier, are absorbed into our bodies when we eat them. Thus all of the anti-biotics and hormones end up causing us issues in our bodies.

So I decided to try to go vegetarian. I still eat fish and dairy, so not a full vegetarian. But I wanted to see how I felt with not eating any meat, red or white.

And I have to say that I feel great. I stopped eating meat before the holidays because I figured it would be a good way to prevent myself from overeating during the holidays. I hate the feeling of being overly stuffed.

Throughout the holidays I felt great. I felt lighter and less weighed down from not eating meat. I didn’t on the extra 2 to 5 pounds that most people gain during the holidays.

And now there is even another reason to consider at least eating less meat. A recent study came out that concluded that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.

Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article about the study: