Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

As anyone who reads my articles can attest, I am a big fan of vitamins and supplements.

I believe that when they are taken as designed, as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, they have a positive effect on our health.

People get in trouble when they take vitamins and supplements as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. I have heard the mindset of “I don’t have to exercise or watch what I eat since I take vitamins.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Continue reading Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Should I Take A Daily Multivitamin?

If you ask 10 doctors if you should take a multi-vitamin, you will probably get 10 different answers. I have read many reports from doctors stating that it is not necessary to take a daily multi-vitamin. Many nutritionists say that if you are diligent about watching what you eat, then you don’t have to take a multi-vitamin.

A new study was just released that proves that taking a daily multi-vitamin will reduce the risk of cancer (most types except prostate) by 8 percent. Now 8 percent may not seem like much, but there are very few other changes you can make that will cut the risk of cancers by 8 or 10 percent. To put it in perspective, quitting smoking will decrease the risk of cancer by 10 percent. That 8 percent is not insignificant. I feel that any decrease in the risk of cancer is significant. Continue reading Should I Take A Daily Multivitamin?