How To Treat Muscle and Pain From Exercising

It is no secret that exercising is one of the best things that you can do for your body, hands down.

Regular exercising will reduce your dependence on your doctor and the over burdened health care system.

Regular exercising will keep you looking and feeling like you are 10-20 years younger.

Regular exercising, if done in the right way, will reduce your aches and pains and prevent them from progressing and getting worse as you age.

Along with all of these benefits, exercising can cause some irritation. The way that exercise makes you stronger is that when you exercise, you tear muscle fibers. These torn muscle fibers then repair themselves stronger and bigger than what they were prior to the workout. Continue reading How To Treat Muscle and Pain From Exercising

Trigger Point and Muscle Research

This past week I was away from my practice, computer and writing so that I could travel to upstate New York with my father to research the trigger point technique that we practice.

We practice Nimmo, or Receptor Tonus Technique. It is a technique that was developed by Dr. Raymond Nimmo in the 1950’s. It was developed parallel to another trigger point technique that was developed by Janet Travell. Janet Travell was President John Kennedy’s personal physician. Continue reading Trigger Point and Muscle Research

Managing Muscle and Joint Pain

If you use your body in any way, and all of us do, at some point you are going to have muscle and joint pain. Muscles get tired and overused. We have been using our muscles all day, every day since we were born. Even when you are sleeping, you are using your muscles. While you sleep, your autonomic nervous system is controlling and contracting your muscles to keep you breathing and keep your heart pumping; to keep you alive.

Your muscles can get overused and achy from starting a new exercise routine, doing an activity you are not used to doing, from doing an activity repetitively, or from arthritis, to name a few reasons why. Continue reading Managing Muscle and Joint Pain