What Causes Injury?


I am a chiropractor who specializes in treating soft tissue (muscle) injuries.

I tend to see people only when they are in pain. I commonly see people who have been to too many doctors and specialists trying to figure out what’s causing their pain, and still have no answers. Continue reading What Causes Injury?

The Importance of Rest for Consistent Exercise


Rest is one of the most often overlooked components of staying in shape. It is hard to know when to work through pain, and when to listen to your body and back off and rest. Rest usually isn’t even considered a component to staying in shape. But rest is essential if you want to continue to exercise.

How much time should you take off? Do you take the time off completely? Will you lose conditioning if you take too much time off? These are all valid questions that can be hard to answer, even if you know about exercise.

I know about exercise and I know human bodies. And I still have trouble knowing when to take time off from exercise. Occasionally I train with a good friend who is a personal trainer. She has to tell me when to back off from exercising, and I have to tell her when to back off and take time off from exercising. Continue reading The Importance of Rest for Consistent Exercise