Decrease Muscle Cramping Through Exercise

walking legsMuscle cramps affect everyone, because everyone has muscles. If you use your muscles, or if you don’t use your muscles, they will cramp and spasm. I specialize in muscles. As a Chiropractor who specializes in trigger points, I work on cramped, spasmed, inflamed and pulled muscles every day.

I mention all of these characteristics together because they all occur together. In my exerpience, a muscle cramp is due to a minor or microscopic tear (or pull) of a muscle fiber. Recent evidence is backing this observation up. Continue reading Decrease Muscle Cramping Through Exercise

Muscles, Exercise and Pain

Everyone gets a daily accumulation of tightness. Daily, repetitive motions slowly cause muscles to tighten until they get so tight that they tear and fall into patterns of spasm and inflammation.

I specialize in treating muscles through a specific,  trigger point therapy. I am a chiropractor by trade who specializes in a specific, chiropractic, trigger point technique called Nimmo. It is named after Dr. Raymond Nimmo, the creator of the chiropractic technique. I have specialized in this technique for over 12 years. Continue reading Muscles, Exercise and Pain