If I Had Known I Was Going To Live This Long Then I Would Have Taken Better Care Of Myself

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Worldwide, the number of people who are living over 100 is growing. There are predictions that within our lives people will be living to over 130.

Our life spans are increasing as our knowledge of health and how to take care of the body increases. Technological advances such as MRIs and CT scans have helped medicine advance into the 21st century.

Unfortunately modern medicine has advanced to the point that some of the population feels that they don’t have to take care of themselves. Some feel they can rely on medical doctors and other health care practitioners for every health ailment. Unfortunately this mindset leads to letting health issues linger until they get so bad that they have to get them taken care of. Continue reading If I Had Known I Was Going To Live This Long Then I Would Have Taken Better Care Of Myself

Increase Balance Through Exercise

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Traumatic spinal cord injuries are on the rise in the U.S.. For the first time in many years, falling has taken over as the leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injuries. Motor vehicle accidents used to be the leading cause.

This is according to new research released from Johns Hopkins.

The research also shows that the rate of traumatic spinal cord injury is highest among the elderly. Continue reading Increase Balance Through Exercise

Is Yoga Just For Women?

yoga 2Let me start this off by saying that I love yoga. I have been doing yoga consistently for over 10 years. I feel that it has prevented injuries and kept me loose, balanced and able to exercise for the last 10 years. If it weren’t for yoga, I would have much more low back, hip, knee, shoulder, neck and arm pain.

Those of you who have read some of my other posts, know that I am a chiropractor who specializes in trigger point therapy and musculo-skeletal issues. So I know how to take care of muscles and prevent injuries. Continue reading Is Yoga Just For Women?

Decrease Muscle Cramping Through Exercise

walking legsMuscle cramps affect everyone, because everyone has muscles. If you use your muscles, or if you don’t use your muscles, they will cramp and spasm. I specialize in muscles. As a Chiropractor who specializes in trigger points, I work on cramped, spasmed, inflamed and pulled muscles every day.

I mention all of these characteristics together because they all occur together. In my exerpience, a muscle cramp is due to a minor or microscopic tear (or pull) of a muscle fiber. Recent evidence is backing this observation up. Continue reading Decrease Muscle Cramping Through Exercise

Trigger Point and Muscle Research

This past week I was away from my practice, computer and writing so that I could travel to upstate New York with my father to research the trigger point technique that we practice.

We practice Nimmo, or Receptor Tonus Technique. It is a technique that was developed by Dr. Raymond Nimmo in the 1950’s. It was developed parallel to another trigger point technique that was developed by Janet Travell. Janet Travell was President John Kennedy’s personal physician. Continue reading Trigger Point and Muscle Research