How to Treat and Prevent Muscle Injuries

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Most people will stop a new exercise routine due to injury. I read somewhere once that 90% of all people who start up a new exercise routine will have to stop due to injury.

Once injured, it can take 2 weeks to years on end to heal. Depending on how bad the injury was, how old you are, how much wear and tear you have on your body, how healthy you are, what type of shape you are in, how well you eat, and how much you are sleeping can affect how quickly you heal from an injury. Continue reading How to Treat and Prevent Muscle Injuries

Chronic Pain

Last month, the Institute of Medicine (which is the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences) issued a report that estimated that chronic pain affects 116 million people in our country. That is far more than was originally believed. For patients who suffer from chronic pain, this acknowledgement from the Institute of Medicine is a seminal event. Chronic pain usually goes untreated, because most doctors view pain as a symptom of an underlying problem. And with chronic pain, there may be no underlying problem. When a doctor can’t find any cause for the pain, the patient usually gets dismissed as either crazy and referred out for psychotherapy, or as a drug seeker looking for a high.There can be many different causes of chronic pain.

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