Is Diet Better Than Regular?

Recently big soda manufacturers pledged to cut the calories in their sugar laden soft drinks. While this may seem like a good idea, their motivations may not be completely altruistic.

Consumers have been growing larger and larger as our society’s obesity epidemic has been reaching epidemic proportions. Many consumers are now demanding lower calorie alternatives to their favorite foods and  beverages.

But watch out, diet is not all that it is cracked up to be. Continue reading Is Diet Better Than Regular?

More Reasons to Quit Diet Soda

sodaThose who read my articles know that I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners.

They are chemically formulated. There have never been any studies able to correlate losing weight with using artificial sweeteners.

Still many people drink diet soda and eat artificially sweetened foods. Evidence is mounting that these foods will, at the very least not help with weight loss, at the very most be harmful to your health. Continue reading More Reasons to Quit Diet Soda