The Benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle

olive oilMany years ago researchers started noticing that those who lived in the Mediterranean live longer than most of us. Since then researchers have been trying to pinpoint what it is about the Mediterranean lifestyle that allows people to live longer.

New inroads into this subject have recently been discovered. Researchers recently found that elderly people¬†whose diets were heavy in nuts and olive oil had less of a chance of stroke than those who didn’t eat nuts and olive oil. Continue reading The Benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle

olive oil

It is well known that the Mediterranean diet is very effective in controlling heart disease, weight and improving overall health.

The Mediterranean diet is more of a way of eating, or a lifestyle, rather than an actual diet. It focuses on eating fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. Very little saturated fats and red meats are eaten in this style of eating. Continue reading The Mediterranean Diet/ Lifestyle