The Obesity Paradox

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Our overall health is related to how we take care of ourselves, rather than related to how big or small our waistlines are.

Pain Free Lifestyle exercise and nutrition programs are designed around the principal that it is more important to take care of yourself, be healthy and feel well, than it is to lose weight and be thin. The program is designed around the belief that it is more important to be healthy, than it is to look healthy. The program is comprised of exercises that are designed to make you feel better, rather than to get skinny. Pain Free Lifestyle is not a get thin quick scheme. Continue reading The Obesity Paradox

You Can Be Fat And Fit (Despite What The Study In The New York Times Said)

fat shadow man

The New York Times recently ran an article saying that a new study came out concluding that healthy obesity does not exist.

For years I have read studies on this subject. For years I have treated patients who would fit into this “fictional category” of healthy obesity.

In nature there are variances. Some of us are tall and some are short, some are thick while some are thin. Some of us will be fat and some will be skinny. We can control some aspects of our weight, but we can’t change our body type. If you are big boned and of a large frame, you are always going to have a large frame. Continue reading You Can Be Fat And Fit (Despite What The Study In The New York Times Said)