How Much Should You Exercise?

With so much information out there on exercise, most of it contradictory, how can you know the correct amount of exercise for yourself?

How much exercise you require might be different then the person next to you who is the same age and shape. The right amount of exercise is dependent on so many variables.

It depends on your past medical history (do you have heart disease? High blood pressure? History of thrombosis or embolism?). It also depends on your past injuries (do you have a bad shoulder from playing football when you were younger? Do you have a bad hip from falling too many times while cheerleading?). Continue reading How Much Should You Exercise?

Reduce Joint Pain Through Exercise

knee replacement 2A recent study came out concluding the at 1 in 5 americans are in chronic and daily pain. If you are in pain, you can reduce that pain through proper exercise and healthy eating.

It is easy to do, it just takes consistency. I’m not talking about spending an hour a day 5 days a week pumping heavy iron in an expensive gym. If you know what you are doing, then you can exercise from home, using a few inexpensive dumbbells. Spending 20 minutes 3 days a week. Continue reading Reduce Joint Pain Through Exercise

1 in 5 Americans In Chronic Daily Pain

200177292-001A large scale study was just published that proved that 1 in 5 Americans, roughly 39 million people, are in pain on a daily basis.

Pain affects everyone. I treat pain. I am a trigger point doctor, a chiropractor. I think that more people are in pain than what we think there are. And this study reinforces that.

If you suffer from chronic, daily pain you don’t have to throw in the towel. You can do something to lessen your pain. Proper exercise and healthy eating will reduce pain. But it has to be low intensity and low impact exercise along with stretching. Continue reading 1 in 5 Americans In Chronic Daily Pain

Reduce Dependence on Pain Medication Through Exercise and Healthy Eating

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Pharmaceutical opiates are killing more than 40 people per day.

This is according to a new book by Erin Marie Daily titled “Generation Rx: A story of Dope, Death, and America’s Opiate Crisis”.

Opiates are a class of pharmaceutical drugs that are derived from the poppy plant. It is the same plant that heroin and morphine are made from. They are also called narcotics, pain killers, pain meds, etc.

If you can control your pain, then you can reduce your chances of having to turn to these medications for pain relief. Continue reading Reduce Dependence on Pain Medication Through Exercise and Healthy Eating

Exercise To Reduce Pain And Feel Better

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The diet and exercise industry is a good reflection of society in general. Society focuses on, and rewards, an aesthetically pleasing body rather than a functional body.

For years the fitness industry (and all of its many offshoots) has focused on how to look good and lose weight. It promotes bodies that are tight, toned and tanned, rather than promoting feeling good, reducing pain and increasing activity levels; issues that are important to most of us throughout our daily lives. Continue reading Exercise To Reduce Pain And Feel Better

How To Exercise With Pain

200177292-001I work with people who are in pain on a daily basis. People commonly come to see me as a last resort, when traditional medical practitioners cannot help them reduce their pain.

As a patient said whom I just treated today, I am looked at as a gestalt health care practitioner. This means that I look at the patient as a whole, rather than in parts.

I look at how one area of the body can affect another area of the body. I look at how we can positively affect the entire body through strength training, stretching, aerobic exercise and nutrition. They all work together to make up the total picture of someone’s overall health. Continue reading How To Exercise With Pain

The Obesity Paradox

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Our overall health is related to how we take care of ourselves, rather than related to how big or small our waistlines are.

Pain Free Lifestyle exercise and nutrition programs are designed around the principal that it is more important to take care of yourself, be healthy and feel well, than it is to lose weight and be thin. The program is designed around the belief that it is more important to be healthy, than it is to look healthy. The program is comprised of exercises that are designed to make you feel better, rather than to get skinny. Pain Free Lifestyle is not a get thin quick scheme. Continue reading The Obesity Paradox

How To Exercise To Reduce Pain

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Over the years I have had the honor to work with many professional athletes. I have watched them get injured on the field or stage, and then got them fixed up and back out to perform, quickly.

I have treated most types of athletic injuries, from concussions to post concussive disorder, to muscle pulls and sprains and strains. The list goes on.

I have also had the honor to work with many professional athletes after they retire and are out of the spot light. I have witnessed firsthand the effects that a lifetime of high impact exercise and sports have on the body. I have witnessed firsthand the health effects and pain that retired football players and ballet dancers deal with on a regular basis. I have treated some retired athletes that can barely walk due to the damage done to their body from high impact sports. Continue reading How To Exercise To Reduce Pain

Speed Up Your Metabolism Through Exercise and Nutrition

chilli peppersMetabolism is the group of processes through which your body breaks down food to fuel itself. Your metabolic rate is how fast your body breaks down food to fuel itself.

The faster your metabolic rate, the thinner you will be and the more energy you will have. The converse is true as well. If your metabolic rate is slower, then you will have a better chance of being obese, you will have less energy and feel more lethargic.

Many products out there claim to speed up your metabolic rate, and metabolism, to make it easy to loose weight. These products are usually supplement pills or energy drinks. Unfortunately these products are not as safe, nor as effective, as the companies that produce them would lead you to believe. Continue reading Speed Up Your Metabolism Through Exercise and Nutrition

Ease Arthritis Pain Through Exercise

ti chiExercise has been proven to slow down the progression of osteo-arthritis through strengthening up the muscles that surround irritated joints. The stronger and looser the muscles are that surround an arthritic joint, the more stabile and less painful that joint will be.

The more you can exercise, the stronger your muscles will get, and the more weight you will loose. This will allow you to move easier and will take stress off of your irritated and arthritic joints.

It is a matter of finding the right exercises to do. If you have foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back arthritis, then the pounding from jogging and running will be too much on your joints. It will flair up your pain and symptoms. Low impact exercise is the way to go: stationary bike, outdoor bike, elliptical machine, stair master, swimming, rowing. These are all examples of low impact cardio-vascular exercise.

The Pain Free Lifestyle program takes you step by step through the process of getting into shape. It will lead you into a healthier, less painful and more active lifestyle.

Here is a slide show that demonstrates some stretches and exercises that are easy on your body, low impact, and will not flair up your arthritis.