Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?


I have spent many years working in health care, with physical fitness, exercise, proper nutrition and personal trainers. You hear and see it all when you spend time around gyms and around athletes exercising and training.

I have seen the empty, used packets of human growth hormone in gym bathrooms. I have seen the gym bunny who wears makeup to work out and then spends most of her exercise time talking and being social. Continue reading Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

To Stretch or Not To Stretch


The New York Times recently ran an article on stretching. In this article, 2 studies were mentioned that looked at the effectiveness of pre workout stretching.

They both showed that pre workout stretching can impede speed and decrease strength. Both of the studies support limiting stretching before physical activity.

I would never recommend pre-workout stretching. Post workout stretching is what is effective for loosening up muscles and preventing muscle pulls and other injuries. Continue reading To Stretch or Not To Stretch