How to Start Exercising


It happens very frequently. Someone who hasn’t exercised in years wants to start exercising, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

That person starts exercising and starts eating healthy. But within 1 to 2 months they stop. Why?

Did they start out too hard? Did they injure themselves? Did they reach the end of their resolve to eat sprouts and greens all day long? Was it all too much? Are there people who are just not meant to exercise and eat right? Are there people who are not meant to get into good shape, reduce pain and increase their activity levels? Continue reading How to Start Exercising

A New Year, A New You, New Year’s Resolutions

In the gym community it is widely known that the busiest time of the year is in January, at the beginning of the year.

This is because every year millions of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution to begin exercising and  living a healthier lifestyle.

They all go to the gym (or health club or spa), some with more knowledge of, and experience with, exercise than others. Some having exercised recently and some having not exercised for many years. Most will end up stopping exercise within 1 to 2 months because of an injury. Continue reading A New Year, A New You, New Year’s Resolutions