Intelligent Grocery Shopping


The grocery store is a temple of marketing. As soon as you walk into a grocery store, you are bombarded by the most innovative marketing techniques that are trying to sell you anything and everything in the store.

From the placement of the products to the music selection, everything in a grocery store is carefully picked to make you, the consumer, more likely to buy certain products, and to buy more than you meant to.

How can you avoid the pitfalls of impulse buying? How can you avoid becoming susceptible to buying products you weren’t planning on? How can you avoid the unhealthy, processed foods and leave the store with healthy, good tasting foods? Continue reading Intelligent Grocery Shopping

Processed Foods

tater chips

General Mills is one of the largest processed foods manufacturing companies in the world. Recently, they have been trying to arrange it so that no one can sue them.

They put a post on their website that said in effect that you can never sue them if: you visit their website, click on anything on their website, print any coupons off of their website, like their facebook page, or buy their foods.

They are effectively trying to say that if you do any of these actions then you forfeit your right to sue them, ever.

Why would they want that? Are they scared of large groups of people suing them? If so, why? Continue reading Processed Foods

Salt, Sugar, Fat

sugar-cubesIn order to write his new book “Salt, Sugar, Fat” investigative reporter Michael Moss looked into the one trillion dollar food industry. What he found was not appetizing.

The average American eats 33 pounds of cheese, along with 70 pounds of sugar, per year. That is a staggering amount of salt and fat that we consume on an annual basis. It is driving our obesity epidemic, and is being pushed on us, as consumers, from all sides.

Michael Moss found that the food industry is very strategic and plans everything out from the exact taste of the foods, to the responses it causes in our bodies and brains, to the marketing, commercials and to even where the products are placed in the grocery stores. Continue reading Salt, Sugar, Fat

All Calories Are Not Equal

food pyramid

When eaten, sugary foods and drinks, white breads and pasta, and high glycemic foods will cause a spike in blood sugar that will be followed by a longer period of low blood sugar and low energy. This leaves you craving more sugary foods so you can raise your energy levels back up.

New findings released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that these sugary or high glycemic foods affect the areas of our brains associated with craving, hunger, and reward, thus driving us to overeat.

The glycemic index is a list of how quickly foods are processed and digested in our bodies. Something that is processed very quickly, like white bread or white pasta, will have a high glycemic index. When digested, these foods will quickly cause a spike in the blood sugar which will illicit an insulin response, like what sugar does to your body. Continue reading All Calories Are Not Equal

The Epidemic of Inflammation

obese man with hamburger

There is an epidemic of chronic, low grade inflammation going on in our society. Many people have some type of inflammation going on in their bodies.

Chronic, low grade inflammation, while not severe, will irritate disease process, sprains/ strains, tendonitis, bursitis, anything ending in -itis (pancreatitis, bursitis), anything inflammatory (irritable bowel), to name a few issues it exacerbates. It is my opinion that chronic, low grade inflammation exacerbates almost every problem throughout the body. Inflammation will not create an issue, but it will certainly make it worse. Continue reading The Epidemic of Inflammation