High Impact Exercise (and why you should stay away from it)

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I am a big fan of low impact, low intensity exercising. I like this type of exercising because I feel it gives you the best chance of being able to stick with an exercise routine long enough to reap the benefits from it.

The only way that we get any benefit out of exercising  is by sticking with it long term and doing it consistently.

Exercising should be done in a way that is sustainable for our bodies. If we start out an exercise routine too intensely then we will eventually hurt ourselves and have to stop exercising. If we try to start out doing too much, then we will injure ourselves and have to stop exercising. Continue reading High Impact Exercise (and why you should stay away from it)

Can Running Cause Arthritis?

walking legsThose of you who follow my articles know that I am not a proponent of running. I used to run, and I even completed one marathon, but I will not run for exercise anymore.

I have since switched to cycling, which is low impact and easy on my body and joints. I find that I am not nearly as sore after completing a 100 mile mountain bike race than I was after completing a marathon. The marathon took me 4 hours to complete, while the 100 mile mountain bike races take me 10 to 12 hours to complete.

Since cycling is low impact, it is much easier on the body. Running is high impact This impact causes micro-traumas every step you run. It is my opinion that these micro-traumas build up over time to cause injury and can lead to osteo-arthritis. Continue reading Can Running Cause Arthritis?

The Benefits of Walking versus Running

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At least once a day I discuss the differences of running and walking with a patient. Usually it is because the patient has suffered an injury that is, at the very least, due in part to running.

When the topic of running comes up, I espouse the benefits of walking versus running. Most people don’t want to hear that their running has contributed to their injury and that they might have to give it up or slow down with their running. Continue reading The Benefits of Walking versus Running