Exercise, Nutrition and Fear Mongering

It is easy to scare people with the unknown. Even if you have training in exercise or nutrition they can be confusing, intimidating, and create a sense of the unknown.

To complicate matters, there are many charletans and snake oil salesmen who create misinformation to sell people their usually worthless, products.

I warn my patients that if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. “If you avoid this one evil ingredient or spice or food particle, then you will get rid of all of your health ills and live a long, active life.” That’s generally the gist of their sales pitch. Continue reading Exercise, Nutrition and Fear Mongering

Sustainable Exercise

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Sustainability is a word that is used a lot. Sustainable is how we look at the environment and the earth and the world we live in. It means the ability to endure.

I believe that we need to treat our bodies sustainably as well. Only through sustainable exercise, can we continue to exercise for the rest of our lives and keep ourselves feeling good and manage our pain as we age. Continue reading Sustainable Exercise

No Magic Bullet for Weight Loss and Exercise

bulletThere is no magic bullet for weight loss. There is no substitute for exercising and eating right when it comes to weight loss.

It is an on going battle. One that is never one. Once you lose weight, you still have to work at keeping it off.

I exercise almost daily to keep myself in shape, and to keep weight off. I know that if I stop exercising and stop watching what I eat, I will gain weight. Continue reading No Magic Bullet for Weight Loss and Exercise

Losing Weight, and Why Get Thin Quick Schemes Don’t Work

fat shadow manIt is very hard to lose weight. On average most people will put on 1 to 2 pounds per year. Over 20 years that can add up to 20 to 40 extra pounds, if not more.

Even though it usually takes many years to gain weight, our quick fix society leads us to believe that we should be able to lose that 20 to 40 pounds in one month, or even one week. And if we cannot lose the weight that quickly, then something is wrong with us.

That is just not the case. Get thin quick schemes don’t work. Just like get rich quick schemes don’t work. If they did work, then everyone would be thin and rich. Continue reading Losing Weight, and Why Get Thin Quick Schemes Don’t Work