Too Much Exercise Can Be A Bad Thing


Exercise is so good and healthy for us. The general thought is the more you do of it, the better it will be for you.

Turns out that exercise is like almost everything else in life. In moderation, exercise is great thing. But too much of it can be bad for you, in a few ways.

One of the hardest parts about sticking with an exercise routine is avoiding injuries. I read a study out of Sweden that concluded that 90% of all people who start a new exercise routine quit within 2 months, due to pain. Pain is usually due to injury. Continue reading Too Much Exercise Can Be A Bad Thing

Exercises to Avoid


Exercise and weight lifting can be great for your body. Weight lifting and strength training can stabilize irritated and painful joints. It can slow down the progression of arthritis and joint degeneration. You just have to do the right exercises.

If you have knee pain or hip pain, then avoid the leg press machine and avoid lunges.

If you have shoulder pain avoid flat bench, straight bar bench press and straight bar military press.

I have attached a slide show that shows some exercises to avoid, and how to perform some other exercises properly. If you use bad form, or use too much weight, then you can easily injure yourself and set yourself back. Continue reading Exercises to Avoid

Which Burns Fat Better, Cardio or Weight Lifting?

Many people go to the doctor seeking advice on how to lose weight. Many doctors are not trained in exercise, physical fitness or nutrition. This leads to many of those people getting bad advice on how to lose weight.

I have seen many patients who have had their medical doctors tell them that they need to exercise, but not what type of exercise. I have also seen patients whose medical doctors have told them that what they eat has nothing to do with their health.

There is so much bad information out there on nutrition and exercise. All of this bad advice on how to exercise and eat right can have adverse reactions. These reactions can range from not losing weight, to actually gaining weight, to injury from doing too much of an exercise (or doing a wrong exercise) in a desperate attempt to lose weight, reduce pain, feel better and get into better shape. Continue reading Which Burns Fat Better, Cardio or Weight Lifting?

A New Year, A New You, New Year’s Resolutions

In the gym community it is widely known that the busiest time of the year is in January, at the beginning of the year.

This is because every year millions of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution to begin exercising and  living a healthier lifestyle.

They all go to the gym (or health club or spa), some with more knowledge of, and experience with, exercise than others. Some having exercised recently and some having not exercised for many years. Most will end up stopping exercise within 1 to 2 months because of an injury. Continue reading A New Year, A New You, New Year’s Resolutions

Changing Metabolism through Exercise and Nutrition

As we age it becomes easier and easier to gain weight, and harder and harder to keep it off. This weight gain may seem inevitable, but many factors will cause this and there are many factors that can prevent this.

As we age our activity levels decline. Our activity levels are usually highest when we are teenagers and in our early twenties. Once we get into our careers and patterns of life, it becomes harder to fit physical activity or exercise into our schedules. Continue reading Changing Metabolism through Exercise and Nutrition