Thanksgiving and How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

wild-turkeyI always love Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. I get a chance to reconnect with family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I also get to eat one my favorite meals of the year.

Those of you who have been keeping up with my articles know that I don’t eat meat. I haven’t eaten red meat, pork, or poultry since last Thanksgiving.

Last year around this time I decided to give up eating most meats (I still eat fish and dairy products), and haven’t looked back. I decided temporarily to stop eating meat in an attempt to eat less during the holidays. I looked at it as an easy way to moderate what I ate during the holidays. I thought I would go back to eating meat after the holidays.

I haven’t missed meat enough to go back to eating it. I don’t miss feeling overly stuffed from it. I don’t miss feeling weighed down from it. I have a long and extensive history of heart disease in my family, and I won’t miss the athrosclerosis and plaquing of my arteries from all that saturated fat. Hopefully I’ll be missing a quadruple bypass at age 42 from eating badly and not exercising, like what my uncle went through at that young age.

This year for Thanksgiving and for the rest of the holidays I still won’t be eating meat. I will however, eat turkey. I love turkey and want to eat it.

Other than avoiding meats, I will be employing other strategies to prevent gaining weight during this holiday season. On Thanksgiving morning I always like to exercise. I like to get it in before everyone comes over and we start cooking the meal. If I wait until later in the morning or early afternoon, then I won’t be able to do it.

The average American consumes anywhere from 3000 to 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. This is a ton of food. Exercising in the morning will not prevent you from eating so much. But it will give you lee-way to eat more. Overeating won’t affect you as much if you exercise.

I will also be exercising Friday morning as well. This will get my body and my colon moving. This will help encourage me to go to the bathroom. Get all of that digested food out of your body as quickly as you can. That food will weigh you down. The longer it is in your colon, the more toxic it will become and the more toxins you will absorb from it. Plus exercising the next day will help to burn more calories.

If you can keep exercising throughout the holiday season, you will not give fat a chance to settle in your body. You will not gain as much weight as you would if you weren’t exercising. You will burn off a lot of the excess calories you are taking in.

If you can couple consistent exercise with trying to moderate what you eat, you will be fine. I don’t think that you should avoid altogether sweets or buttery foods or alcoholic drinks. Just consume then in moderation. One or 2 desserts at a holiday party is fine. 4 or 5 desserts is not. 1 or 2 drinks at a holiday are fine. 4 or 5 can be an extra 1000 calories.

Be conscious about what you eat. Make sure that the calorie dense cookie or cake is worth it. If it tastes bad, then don’t eat it and spend the calories elsewhere, on something that you really like. If you want to drink more, then eat less sweets. If you want to eat more, then drink less.

Know where your calories are coming from. Know that there are 223 calories in 1 cup of eggnog. Usually a glass of eggnog will have the equivalent of 2 cups. That means that glass of eggnog could be 500 calories. Know where your calories are coming from. Don’t eat and drink blindly this holiday season. It will catch up with you. It is much easier to not gain weight in the first place, than it is to take the weight off afterwards.

Eat intelligently, and you don’t have to starve yourself. Have a game plan in place before you face the holiday buffet and you will be able to eat the foods that you love, not gain weight, and not feel deprived. The smarter you are about it, the easier it will be to avoid bad foods. It is the Pain Free Way.



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