Trigger Points, Exercise, and Joint Health


Everyone has muscles. Every second that you breathe, you use your muscles.

Anything that moves in your body is moved by muscles. When you breathe, your diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax to allow extra space in your torso for the air that fills your lungs. These same muscles contract to push the air out of your lungs.

You don’t have to think about moving these muscles because they are controlled by your autonomic nervous system. This is the opposite of the muscles that you control.

These are just some of the muscles that you use without thinking about them. The gluteal muscles in your hips and pelvis are contracting and relaxing constantly to keep you sitting and walking upright.

Since you use these muscles so much without even thinking about it, they can get injured easily.

Most muscle injuries occur not from doing some heroic, amazing physical feat, but from doing something mundane.

Most people injure themselves doing something like walking down the street while talking to a friend and not paying attention, they trip over a curb and hurt themselves.

This is because of tight muscles.

The tighter your hip muscles are, the worse your balance will be. The worse your balance, the more likely to fall. Tight hip muscles will make you more likely to fall and more likely to hurt yourself.

And at my age (42 as of writing this) I can confidently say that once you injure yourself, you are never the same.

Tight muscles make you susceptible to many types of injuries.

What does this have to do with trigger points? A muscle will get tighter and tighter until it gets so tight that it tears. Usually repetitive movements cause the muscles to get so tight that they tear on a microscopic level.

This tearing is what a sprain or strain, muscle pull, etc, consist of.

When the muscle tears like this, the rest of the muscle will constrict to prevent further tearing. It is a self protective mechanism. The muscle contracts so hard that it creates and irritates neurological pathways called a reflex arc. This reflex arc is like a neurological scar. It will perpetuate the muscle spasm and inflammation. It can keep the muscles in these patterns of spasm and inflammation for weeks to months to even years.

This is what a trigger point is. A localized area of muscle spasm.

These trigger points can radiate or send pain, tingling, numbness, burning and/ or throbbing all over the body, through mostly predictable patterns.

I specialize in finding and treating trigger points. I treat them by applying pressure to trigger points. When I apply pressure to the trigger points, it cuts off the neurological input that perpetuates the muscles spasm.

When I treat someone I help them get more in touch with their bodies. I show them where their pain is coming from. Just because you have pain in the front of your shoulder doesn’t mean that is the pain is coming from.

These trigger points are what comprise most muscle knots and muscle irritation. If you have joint pain, muscle pain, or spasm then you will have trigger points. Even osteo arthritis will create trigger points.

If you suffer from joint pain from osteo arthritis, then you will have trigger points that are created by the arthritis, and then irritate the arthritis. If you can treat your trigger points through a system that I can show you, you can reduce your pain, increase your range of motion, and increase your activity levels. This can allow you to exercise which can further stabilize your joints and maintain your activity levels and keep your pain manageable.

Once I show patients when their pain is coming from, they can treat these trigger points themselves at home.

It is easy to treat trigger points at home, yourself. It won’t be as effective as having a professional treat them, but is still is effective.

I am creating a way to treat pain at home. You will be able to select where your pain is, then learn different ways to treat trigger points in those areas at home.

You will be able to treat the trigger points with tennis balls and a foam roller very easily from home.

This way you will be able to loosen up and balance out your muscles and body yourself. You will reduce pain and restore range of motion. Then you will be primed to start my exercise routine. No matter how out of shape you are, you can do my pain free lifestyle program.

It is designed to be easy on your body and easy to stick with. It treats your body sustainably by utilizing easy on your body exercises that don’t cause injury. They are designed to strengthen the main muscle groups that you use to move throughout the day.

You will not get huge or get ripped-6-pack abs. You will get a stable body with little pain. You will be able to manage joint pain and arthritis. Rather than slowly deteriorating over the years.

Between treating your muscle pain, exercising intelligently and sustainably, and eating healthy, you can easily live a long and happy life with little pain.

Exercise intelligently, eat mostly plant based, and live the pain free way.




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