Vitamins and Exercise

pillsI believe in the importance of taking vitamins. I believe that quality vitamins will enhance your health and help you feel better. They may take the edge off of aches and pains. They may give you a little extra hop in your step.

But vitamins are not a substitute for exercising or eating right. Vitamins are a supplement, they enhance your health. They will not create health from an unhealthy state.

The quality of the vitamin matters. Unfortunately, with vitamins, what you pay for is what you get. Don’t buy bulk, generic vitamins. The more synthetic a vitamin is, the less assimilated into your body it will be.

Unfortunately vitamins are what are called a dietary supplement. Therefore they are not subject to passing Food Drug Administration (FDA) approval. So the vitamin manufacturers can put whatever they want into the vitamins.

Do you research before you buy your vitamins. Know some companies to look for. I recommend Da Vanci Vitamins, they are in New England. You can order them on Generally most vitamins are Whole Foods and most organic food stores are good for you.

Since vitamins are not subject to FDA approval, a vitamin was found to have a harmful anabolic steroid in it. FDA officials are warning people to stay away from Healthy Life’s Chemistry Vitamin B because of potential anabolic steroids found in the vitamin.

Quality, organic vitamins help to feel better and help the body to work more efficiently which equals less injuries. They only help if you are exercising and eating right as well. Good vitamins are full of anti-oxidants. These molecules destroy free radicals. Free radicals destroy the body and are produced by anything harmful to the body.

Using vitamins as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, not a substitution for a healthy lifestyle, is the Pain Free Way.

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