Watch Your Calories During The Holidays

A patient of mine recently told me that this is the season of eating. It is indeed.

If we are lucky then we find ourselves surrounded by all types of rich and savory foods at this time of the year. It is easy to find an excuse to let yourself go almost every night of the week during this time of the year.

The average american will eat 3,000-4,500 calories during the Thanksgiving feast. That is the equivalent of 7 big macs. You’d have to swim almost 11 hours to burn off all of those calories.

Most of you who are overweight have not gained their weight quickly. Most people gain 1 to 2 pounds per year, but after 20 years that is 20- 40 pounds gained. That coupled with no exercise and it’s easy to see how the weight will accumulate.

The holiday season is a big reason why people gain weight throughout the course of a year. I have another patient who said that he weighed himself before and after his Thanksgiving meal. He was 5 pounds heavier after eating his meal.

All of us will indulge, and indulgence is fun. We just cant do it all of the time. And if we plan for it, the it won’t have a chance to cause to gain any long lasting weight.

Exercising in a low impact and low intensity manner will allow you to consistently exercise for years to come. This will prevent any more weight from accumulating. Trying to eat healthy on the days that you are not celebrating helps to minimize the caloric accumulation of the holidays.

Don’t exercise harder, exercise smarter. Don’t avoid foods that you love, plan to eat them at certain times. Eat intelligently and you won’t have to deprive yourself. This is the Pain Free Way.

Here is a link to an article that I wrote on low impact and low intensity exercising and why you should be doing it if you are over the age of 40

Here is a link to an article about what we have to do to burn off the 3,000-4,500 calories most of us will consume on Thanksgiving:



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