Wearing bad shoes can affect your feet and the rest of your body

 There are so many different types of shoes out there. Are they all created equally? Will they all affect your feet and body in the same way? I discussed the effects of flip flops on your body in a previous post. Here is a slide show that shows how different types of shoes can affect our bodies in different ways.




One thought on “Wearing bad shoes can affect your feet and the rest of your body”

  1. Eyeglasses, automotive supplies, food, medicine, doctor appointments, are all things I don’t feel guilty spending good money on if need be, and that also includes shoes! Not so much for style, but for comfort and health! My current sneakers were 125 dollars, and they are really comfortable for my flat feet. I also got flip flops for 80 dollars that also are good for my flat feet. The sneakers I wear increase my self confidence and my ability to walk and stay on my feet and really just to live life. Is worth the money!

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