Weight Loss Obstacles

obese man with hamburgerWeight loss is hard even when you do everything right. It is hard enough when you are exercising consistently and eating right.

If you gain weight when you are not exercising and eating right, then it is easy to understand why you gained weight. But what if you were exercising and eating right consistently and still gaining weight? Here are a few reason for unexplained weight gain.

The main reason why I see for unexplainable weight gain is stress. Usually in times of stress, exercise and eating right go out the window because there is no time.

This is unfortunate because exercise and eating right helps your body to cope with stress better. It helps your mind to cope with stress better as well.

During periods of stress your body will release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is an inflammatory hormone. It will not create an issue, but cortisol will certainly flair one up. As you get stressed and overworked, your muscles will get tight and irritated. Add in that you are not exercising which is contributing to the muscles getting tighter and more irritated. Eating poorly usually accompanies periods of stress so throw inflammation into the mix from processed or fast foods.  Then throw some more inflammation from cortisol into the mix and it is a great recipe for injuring a joint, spraining a muscle, or throwing your back out.

Injuring yourself is the best way to sideline yourself from exercising. The more injury you can prevent, the more consistently you will be able to exercise, and the more calories you will be able to burn. This will prevent weight gain and contribute to weight loss.

Lack of sleep will also contribute to unexplained weight gain. The less you sleep the more food you need to fuel your brain and body. Usually the food you snack on at night is not very healthy.  Lack of sleep may affect hormonal levels which can cause you to crave more food the next day, and not feel as satisfied from it.

If you are exercising and eating right and still gaining weight, then it is time to look at other sources. Don’t let unexplained weight loss go on too for long. Once you notice it, don’t let it go on for longer then 2 to 4 weeks without consulting your physician. It could mean that you are having an adverse reaction to a medication.

Certain types of medications are known to cause weight gain. Such as: anti-depressants (depression itself can also be a cause of weight gain), steroids such as prednisone, migraine medications, anti-psychotic medications, diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications and seizure medications, to name some of the medications that can cause weight gain.

Other syndromes that can affect weight gain are hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone), Cushing’s Syndrome (too much cortisol), PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

If you find yourself gaining weight and don’t know why, don’t wait to get yourself checked out. Most of the time when someone is gaining weight, it is because they are not taking care of themselves through proper exercise and nutrition.

Don’t let yourself gain even more weight. Stop weight gain now through proper diet and exercise. Pain Free Lifestyle makes it easy to eat right and to exercise. Treat yourself well. Exercise and eat right sustainably, it is the Pain Free way.



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