Why do I still get injured if I am exercising?

I hear from people frequently that someone they knew exercised and took care of him/herself and still ended up throwing his/her back out or injuring their shoulder or worse, dropping dead of a heart attack or some other illness. The inevitable response to this is they then ask why should they exercise? What is the use of exercising if you’re still succeptable to these injuries and illnesses.I look at our health as that we are in control of about 25 of our health. I feel 25% of our health is determined by environment and the other 50% is controlled by our genetics. Our genetics play a huge role in our overall health. If one of your parents or grandparents had breast cancer or heart disease, you’ll be much more succeptable to sufferring from the same disease than if you didn’t have a family history of it. And environment plays a role as well in our overall health. If you were to grow up surrounded by pollutants it will affect your health. Many people believe that the reason why there are more people with asthma now is due to more environmental pollution then there was in previous generations.Even if we can only controll 25% of our overall health, that is still a huge influence we can have on our bodies and health. I look at exercising and eating right as it provides long term benefits but also short term benefits. If you exercise and eat right now then you will immediately feel better, have less aches and pains, and have more energy and can do more activities. If you don’t exercise and eat right, it will eventually catch up with you. You will eventually have some health related issue that will negatively affect your activity and how you feel. There is always a chance that we can walk out the front door and get hit by a bus, or that we can drop dead of a ruptured aortic aneurism, the list goes on for what can affect us that we have no controll over. But, if you can exercise and eat right, it will help you feel more comfortable now, and help to decrease the chances of a heart attack or aortic anuerism. Exercise will kee your body functioning at a higher level. It will keep you feeling better with less aches and pains. It will allow you to keep chasing after your children or grandchildren for years to come. There is always a chance that something out of your control will lay you low, but the chances are much less than if you didn’t take care of yourself.Why not positively influence the parts of our health that we can control, instead of negatively influencing it by eating badly and not exercising. I want to feel good now, and if I live to see my 80th birthday I want to do everything in my power to ensure that I will still be feeling good by the time I turn 80. It certainly beats the alternative.



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