why it’s important to be in shape

I life in Pittsburgh, Pa. Last night we got 6 inches of snow, and today the city is vastly affected. Many people cancelled thier appointments with me for this morning. Many schools have been either delayed or closed. Pittsburgh is very hilly, and therefore a lot of people had to leave thier cars on the impassible roads and hike thier way through the snow and home. And this morning many, many people have to shovel thier walkways and driveways, and dig their stranded cars out of the snow. For many people shovelling snow or having to walk home through the snow can be a very daunting task. It can be a daunting task if you are in decent shape, let alone if you don’t take care of yourself. Keeping yourself in some sembelance of shape makes a difference in so many areas of your life. And shovelling snow is just one of those areas. No one wants to shovel their walkway or dig their car out of the snow. But if you are in bad shape these tasks can be extremely hard to do, if not impossible, and can even become life threatening.If you are in good cardio-vascular shape and lift some weights, shovelling snow will not be that bad. It will be a workout, but nothing that is impossible to do. If you are not in shape for it then shovelling snow can be life threatening. Your heart will not be strong enough for the physical excertion of shovelling the snow. Your muscles will not be strong enough for the repetitive motions of shovelling snow for an hour or 2. At the least, iof you are not in shape, you’ll be very sore the next day from using muscles you haven’t used in a while. In the next days to weeks these thight muscles will make you more susceptable to throwing your back out or pulling a shoulder or neck muscle. At the most, you can have a heart attack during the snow shovelling due to too much stress being put on your body that you are not used to.Being in shape helps you out in so many ways. Exercising benefits your body and mind in ways that nothing else. So not only will it help out with the obvious stuff like looking better and feeling better, but if done in the right way, then it can also have affects in many other areas of your life, making things easier for you and making you less injury prone while doing things like snow shovelling, or gardening, or golfing, or, or, etc. There are too many benefits to exercise to mention.



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