Winter Exercising

During the winter it is very easy to hibernate and slow down and stop being active. A lot of people’s exercise decreases throughout the winter. It is not a good idea to completely stop exercising during the winter. If you do stop then it is a good way to put on excess weight that you will spend the summer trying to get rid of. Also it will make it a lot harder to get back into shape when you do finally start exercising again.Try to do some tye of activity throughout the cold winter months. there are some beautiful days during the winter just like there are beautiful days during the summer. You just have to wear more clothes, and prepare a little more. Some great activites during the winter to do outside are: skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, walking, running, and they are many more.If you don’t like to go outside or can’t for whatever reason, then keep doing something indoors. Keep up your cardio and weight lifting and stretching during the winter months.If you can keep up your activity levels during the winter months then you will be better off for any of the activities you may enjoy in the summer such as gardening, golfing, hiking/ walking, or pretty much any other activity you might enjoy. If you can keep yourself in shape throughout the winter months then you will have a lot more comfortable and active and therefore enjoyable summer. Plan for it now. You won’t be able to get into bikini shape in 1 month prior to going to the beach. Now is the time to do it.



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