You Can Quit Soda

sodaSoda can be highly addictive. It is sugary and caffeinated. It can give you a sweet tasting pick me up when you need it.

Soda is basically liquid candy. With all of the excess sugar comes extra calories. If you drink enough of it, it will cause weight gain just like sugar. And it can be easy to form a dependence on the pick me up that it gives you.

Diet soda is no better. There are no studies linking diet foods (low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar) with weight loss. Recently studies have been showing that artificial sweeteners actually cause an insulin response. Which is the same response that sugar causes in the body. Artificial sweeteners are harmful. There are studies that prove that aspartame is converted into formaldehyde in your body. Formaldehyde is what dead bodies are preserved in. It is horribly toxic and highly carcinogenic.

Soda spikes your blood sugar and increases your energy. It will only increase your energy levels for about 20 minutes to 2 hours or so, and then your energy levels will drop for the following 2 to 4 hours. During this 2 to 4 hours period you will be lethargic and tired. You will subconsciously seek out something sugary to give you a pick me up. If you drink another soda, you’ll feel good for another 20 minutes to 2 hours and then you’ll be tired again. This eventually becomes a habit and then can become an addiction if it goes on for long enough.

When your energy levels are up and down like that throughout the day for days, weeks, months, years on end, it will make you gain weight, and eventually become diabetic.

So how do you break the dependence on sodas and sugar throughout the day? First off try to limit your soda intake. If you are drinking 6 sodas a day, then try to decrease it to 4 sodas per day. Do that for a week and then reduce it by 2 more. Try to get down to drinking 1 soda per day, or even cutting it out all together. Take your time with it and don’t try to stop it cold turkey. It can be tough to do that and it can be hard on your system.

Look for alternatives. Tea is a great, low calorie, healthy alternative to soda. Even coffee with a small amount of regular sugar is better for you than drinking soda. Eating a healthy snack like nuts or fruit will satisfy the craving as well.

Here is an article that has other suggestions on how to break your soda dependence:

Here is an article that I wrote about the effects of artificial sweeteners on the body




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